From the HBD Archive
From: Tom Dimock <>
Subject: Rack/Pitch vs. Pitch/Rack
Date: 1992-04-16 13:20:12 GMT

I can't claim to have tested alternatives, but what I'm doing works
for me. After the boil, I counterflow cool the wort and let it settle
for two to four hours. I then rack half the wort to my primary (all of
this is happening in glass carboys - a 6 gallon for the settle, a 5
gallon for the primary), shake it vigorously to aerate it, add my
starter, and then rack in the rest of the wort. I'm a little dubious
about leaving un-pitched wort around for much more than a few hours -
that was a characteristic of my one contaminated batch. Maybe if you
cooled it waaay down.....

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