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From: Kent Dalton <kentd@bach.ftcollinsco.NCR.COM>
Subject: Cat's Meow 2 - How do I keep my printer from exploding?
Date: 1992-04-16 16:17:40 GMT

Is there anyway I can break up the Cat's Meow 2 recipe book into a set of
files each with a smaller number of pages? 160 pages of postscript is
*far* too much for me to print on my employer's laser printer at one time.

I'm somewhat familiar with postscript and have handcoded some ps stuff but was
unable to break this thing up into smaller groups and get it to print
properly. I assume it was done with TeX because of one of the comments in the
header, maybe the authors could release the TeX source code for CM2? (I've
never understood why people will do something in LaTeX and then only release a
ps version anyway.)

Thanks for any help.

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