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Subject: Belgian Ale?
Date: 1992-04-16 16:50:13 GMT (Tom Socha) writes:

> I recently masde a batch of ale. Using a the best of two recipes, one bock
>and the other trappist ale. Then adding yeast culture from a bottle of Chimay
> Can I enter this under AHA rules as a belgian ale?

You can enter this beer in any AHA category you think is appropriate. Many of
us have brewed targeting one style and ended out with a beer that was closer
to another. While AHA rules prohibit multiple entries in the same category/
subcategory in a competition, there's nothing to prohibit you from entering
the same beer in two completely different categories. In the above example,
you could submit the same beer as a bock and a trappist ale (dubbel, I'd
imagine), or anything else, for that matter. The Chimay yeast will definitely
produce one weird "bock," but if that's what you want to submit it as, there's
nothing stopping you. Just be prepared for the judges' reactions!

Remember that Belgian Ales come in plenty of varieties (dubbel, tripel, saison,
wit, Flanders Brown, lambic, faro, etc.), so make sure to be more specific when
entering such a beer in any competition. For more info on style descriptions,
the recent "zymurgy" special issue on styles can be helpful, as are Jackson's
books, and Fred Eckhardt's "Essentials of Beer Styles," among others. Of
course, you can always send me a bottle...

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