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Subject: assorted
Date: 1992-04-16 17:04:01 GMT

Though I am a novice homebrewer (3 batches) I thought I would
put in my comments to a couple of threads from the last couple
of digests if only to help other novices like myself.

Regarding the note concerning the clarity of Pale Ale:

I brewed a batch of Pale Ale in my second attempt. It came out
quite nicely, but I was unhappy with the clarity, until I poured
a bottle of it myself and found it to be crystal clear. The first
couple of times my wife joined me and actually poured the beer
herself, pouring until the head foamed up too much, then tilting
the bottle bak to wait for the head to settle and so on. To make
a long story short, if I poured carefully so that none of the
yeast in the bottle reached my glass, my beer was perfectly clear.
This without using any Irish moss, gelatin, or any other clarifier.
The recipe was pretty basic, 3# extract syrup, 3# dried extract,
pellet hops. The ferment was single-stage with no rack off the
trub, though I filtered the wort to remove hops,trub,break stuff

Regarding a note about priming using malt extract:

I have done all three of my batches with extract instead of
corn sugar. Having not done it with corn sugar I can't compare
the end result but I am happy with the end carbonation except
that I find it takes 2.5 to 3 weeks to develop the appropriate
level of carbonation. My local supplier said that he found extract
to take longer when carbonating and also claimed that with extract
the amount of carbonation obtained was extremely temperature
dependent. I don't have enough experience to verify his claim, does
anybody else ?

A question about dry-hopping:

I have noticed lately that many of the subscribers to this
digest extoll the virtues of dry-hopping. What are the realtive
advatages/disadvantages of dry-hopping vs. adding flavor hops
late in the boil ? On my batch of pale ale I used Hallertau hops
(unusual I know) for both bitterness, flavor, and aroma at
various stages in the boil. I was quite pleased with the results
and am somewhat unwilling to switch to dry-hopping without a
good reason.

Sorry for the long post and thanks to all of the experts who
have provided me with useful info.

P.S. I am an extract brewer who plans to switch to mashing at
some point in the future. I will switch over when I feel
that I have a handle on the multitude of variables which
can be influenced using various extracts, hops, yeasts,
specialty grains etc... In spite of the lack of control
over the extract there are many other ways to influence
the quality of beer.

MINI FLAME: It's interesting how Jack's comments about
extract/grain brewing mirror those of Jeff's
about brewing with liquid/dry yeast ...

Brian Cole
Columbia Univ. Nevis Labs
PO BOx 137
Irvington, NY 10533
temp email address:

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