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Date: 1992-04-16 17:48:45 GMT

Subject : Clausthaler German Beer

I correspond with a German Programmer who recently came to the U.S. to work

at Dell in Texas for a few months. He is quite a "Unix Guru".

I thought the HBD would be interested in his account of american BEERS and

get a kick out of his sense of humor here it is .......

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>From Thu Mar 19 19:25:47 1992

Yes, I'm back to germany again. Just in case I didn't tell you, my job
in Austin was just a holiday jobs to get some more cash in ... (poor student
and so ...).

>Yes I have been brewing my own Beer for about a year now I am trying to
>2 famous american beers:
> Samuel Adams <- No comments it is famous regardless of how it is - John
> &
> Anchor Steam
>Have you ever had either ?

Well, I know both of them. 'Samuel Adams' is said to be the best local beer
in Boston (althought it's not from MA ;-)) And Anchor Steam was the only beer
I drank way back in Texas that had an acceptable acohol precentage ;-) A
friend of mine brought it with him from milwalky.

>what is the QUOTE in German at the end of your e-mail ?
>Translation ?

That's very funny. It's about the best commercial I ever saw for the most
discusting product I ever drunk. It's about a commercial (series) for
an alcohol free beer (Clausthaler). The history of these commercials is
so funny. Their first spot was like this:

"Clausthaler, all a beer needs"

Nobody thought this was cool. Nobody was really intrested in alcohol free
stuff. So they changed their commercials to a new text:

" always ? ... no, not always ... but more often "
(and then the wellknown line from above)

Well, this was quite good now, but not good enougth. The spots were to
boaring. Only these cool guys (in suits etc). So they changed it again but
this time did a new spot with the old text:

First you'll see a reporter in a bar, asking a guy standing there and
drinking (kind of family father, everyday guy).

Reporter: "Why are you drinking Clausthaler ?"
Man: "It does the right thing."
Reporter: "What ?" (has no idea what the man meant)
Man: (looking down to his dog on the floor)
"He now follows my commands"
Reporter: (a little bit astonished)
Man: (talks to his dog)
"Lie down !"
Dog: (just sits around, and tries to look in the opposite direction)
Reporter: "Always ?"
Man: (little bit sad)
"No, not always ..."
Dog: (looks up to his master and lies down)
Man: "... but more often"
Reporter: (looking to his audience)
"Clausthaler, all a beer needs"

The last few lines of this converstion are taken for my signature. It's a kind
of insider joke ;-)

- Thomas
- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

immer ?
nein, nicht immer ...
... aber immer oefter !

- John Yoost

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