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From: Rick Myers <>
Subject: Feeding spent grains to fowl
Date: 1992-04-16 18:15:44 GMT

> From: chip upsal <>
> Subject: Spent grain

> I have given my spent grain to my fowl and they show little inerest in it.
> According to Malting and Brewing Science the grain has little food value
> for farm critters and should only be used for a suppliment.

I feed my spent grain to my fowl (chickens, ducks, geese) and they can't
seem to get enough of it. 10 pounds will disappear in under 15 minutes -
they actually fight over it! They prefer it over their regular layer
pellets and cracked corn. They will also eat spent hops, but do not like
them as well as the grain. I think the residual sweetness and the softer
texture is why they like it better than regular feed.

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Rick Myers
Colorado Telecommunications Division

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