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From: David Suda <suda@barley.Colorado.EDU>
Subject: Many mead questions
Date: 1992-04-17 05:12:25 GMT

My friend Susanne is writing an article on mead, and she's interested in
the personal experiences and anecdotes of HBD readers. She would appreciate
your responses to any or all of the following mead-related questions:

* What flavor/aroma/clarity trade-offs have you experienced for boiling
vs. not boiling the honey?

* What type of honey is best for making a smooth traditional mead? What
type of honey is best for making a melomel or metheglin with

* What is the most attenuative yeast? How does the attenuation of
various yeasts compare?

* Is sugar level tolerance relevant for mead yeast? That is, are some
yeasts inhibited by the high OG of meads? Which ones?

* What water additives do you use and why? Why add gypsum?

* Does using irish moss produce a significantly clearer mead?

* What are some good regional honey suppliers?

* Tell about any failed experiments. (Yes, we know about unboiled
prickly pear mead.)

Thanks for your help!

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