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Subject: mead recipe source, and yeast hydration
Date: 1989-09-22 14:49:00 GMT

Tony g asks:

>Some friends and I are going to be making a honey mead this fall. We would
>be very interested in any recipes/tips/comments you folks might have
>regarding honey mead.

There's a recipe for a basic mead by Charlie Papazian in the latest issue of
Zymurgy, if you can locate a copy. If not, send me a message and I'll e-mail
it to you. Also, a few months back there was a certain amount of discussion
on meads on this digest. Perhaps you could scan the summaries sent out
recently and find what you need. Good brewing (meading?)!

Doug Roberts comments:

>90 to 100 degrees sounds awfuly high to me. I would be real hesitant
>to plunk my yeast into water that warm. 70 to 80 degrees, maybe, but
>temperatures above that are in contradiction to everything I've ever
>read about beer yeast.

Not me. I've read this several places now, including (I believe) Charlie
Papazian's book, and the back of a couple yeast packs. I'll check my sources
tonight when I go back to the brewery (i.e. my house). I've actually done it
a couple times with good results. The yeast takes off quite nicely. The key
point here is to pitch into WORT at 70 to 80 degrees. The production of
esters associated with high temperature fermentation won't occur during the
hydration phase (no sugars) and temps in the 90's shouldn't kill the yeasts.
Try it! I, for one, am glad to hear I can make beer reasonably close in
quality to that made with liquid cultures, since I won't pay $4 for the yeast
for each batch, and I'm not set up yet to culture myself (the eventual
solution, I suspect).

By the way, has anyone contacted the Rapids company yet about a
"homebrewer's" package?

Jackie Bitnet: brown@msukbs

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