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From: "Ken Schriner" <>
Subject: Re: Homebrew Digest #866 (April 17, 1992)
Date: 1992-04-17 14:46:22 GMT

> >Irish Ale. Fruitier. Tangier. Darker (a little.) It seemed like a
> >variation of the Pale Ale. I wouldn't give this to non-home brew
> >friends, its taste is a little farther from their palatte path than
> >they be willing to accept, or appreciate. Was great after a pale ale.
> >A little drier than the pale ale.
> Beer across america sent this one out last month, and it's been my
> favoritve so far. Quite malty, not overly hoppy. I thought it was
> kind of sweet, but I didn't drink it after one of their pale ales.
> I want more!

What is Beer Across America. If they send out stuff like Boulevard
Brewery's Irish Ale, I'm definitley interested. If you could give us
an idea of what it is, the quality of the beer, addresses, phone
numbers, etc. I know I am real interested.

In reference to Boulevard Brewery Bully Porter, Brian Bliss says:
> A friend gave me a bottle of their porter a few months back. Kind of
> weak, but tasty. Neat label (has a bulldog on it). If it was twice as
> strong...

I guess I've always been confused about this. What is the standard
for porter?

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