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Subject: Shipping Beer Across America
Date: 1992-04-17 20:19:00 GMT

In HBD 866, (Brian Bliss) mentioned:

>...Beer across america sent this one out last month, and it's been my...

I don't know if I dozed off during some earlier mention of these folks on
HBD, but I 'accidentally stayed awake for it' this time. Faster than
this Vermont weather(*) changes, I've discovered the following:

- --B.A.A. is (indeed) to beer what BOMC and POMC are to books and lingerie.
- --The monthly cost is $13.75 plus $3.xx s/h in Illinois, and $7.xx s/h to
the rest of the USA (oops, forgot to ask about canada, etc).
- --Each month, a six-pack each of two beers show up on your porch via UPS.
- --Their phone number is 800-854-BEER, (854-2337), and yes, they'd gladly
send me a brochure.

NOTE!! Twice I've mentioned interstate shipping of beer. Since there seemed
to never be a full resolution on that problem here on HBD (or I've missed that
text, too), I asked the guy at B.A.A. about how they work with UPS.

They ship via some small-packet airfreight carrier (I forget the name) to
the state of the addressee, to a UPS drop point. Then UPS carries it to
the door. This way, UPS doesn't cross state borders with beer. While I'm
curious about how flying 34000 feet above the stateline succeeds where UPS
ground fails, this does suggest alternatives for shipping beer, doesn't it?

- --Darryl the younger -------------------------------
Disclaimer: if a disclaimer becomes necessary, I will INSIST this was fiction.
In the interim, I hold no economic interest in B.A.A. or the Women's Christian
Temperance Union.--(*) we rec'd 2" of snow last night in Burlington :-( -----

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