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From: Nick Cuccia <>
Subject: Relaxing, not worrying, and having my first all-grain...
Date: 1992-04-18 02:13:11 GMT

Last month I decided to go for it. Here's my recipe for Blackout Brown Ale
(named after the storm-related blackout that happened while making it):

5 Gallons

7# Klages Malt
1/4# Chocolate Malt
1/4# Patent Malt
1/2# 80L Crystal
1 oz Willamette Hops (3.8% alpha) (one hour boil)
4/5 oz Perle Hops (8.5% alpha) (30 min boil)
1/2 t Irish Moss (15 min boil)
1/2 oz Willamette Hops (3.8% alpha) (dry hopped)
Wyeast English Ale yeast
3/4 c Corn sugar (priming)

I used Papazian's temperature-controlled mash:

30 min @ 122 F
90 min @ 155-145 F
sparge @ 170 F

Total boil time was one hour.

3/22 Cooled; pitched yeast. Initial gravity: 1.042
3/28 Racked and dry-hopped. Intermediate gravity: 1.012
4/6 Primed and bottled. Final gravity: 1.008

One word: Mmmm! I was aiming for an English mild, and missed--too dark and
too hoppy a nose for style. Nice body, with a good balance between the malt
and the hops; the first thing that hits you, however, is the Willamette nose.

Looking back at the process, I'm surprised at how easy it was (even with
thunderstorms and blackouts while it was going on--thank your choice of supreme
being for gas stoves).

- --Nick
And Little Sir John with his nut brown bowl, and his brandy in the glass.
And Little Sir John with his nut brown bowl proved the strongest man at last.
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Nick Cuccia

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