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From: orgasm!davevi@uunet.UU.NET (David Van Iderstine)
Subject: Re: Source for Liquid Yeast
Date: 1992-04-18 13:55:55 GMT

|> I read your post in the Homebrew listserv with interest. I've been getting
|>the same 'off flavor' you describe. I haven't been able to find liquid
|>yeast. My local Homebrew supply shop doesn't stock it or sell it. Where
|>do you get your yeast? If you need to mail order it, could you provide
|>me with an address I can order from?

I often get my liquid yeast mail order from The Frozen Wort, at P.O. Box 988,
Greenfield, MA. 01302. The phone number is (413)773-5920. The guy who runs it
is Charlie Olchowski, a very nice guy. He's also head of the Valley Fermenters,
the homebrew club for the Connecticut River Valley area (in Mass.). I phone my
orders in & he bills me with the shipment. He stocks all the Wyeast varieties.

Another potential source for liquid yeasts is Sierra Nevada beers. Buy a six,
pour off all but the bottom into a pitcher, and then pour the bottom slurry
from the bottles into a sterilized vessel. Add some pre-sterilized starter
wort (say 1 cup extract in 1 qt. water), an air-lock, and let that go for a
couple days. Once the bubbling slows down or stops, it can be pitched in
your full batch. A friend does this regularly; the Sierra Nevada yeast is
actually the same as one of the Wyeast varieties.

Of course, any commercial beer that has yeast on the bottom can be prepared
this way.

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