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From: Todd Enders - WD0BCI <>
Subject: Alt
Date: 1992-04-19 18:03:25 GMT

Although I can't quite claim that this is an "authentic" altbier recipe
(wrong yeast), it *is* good, and it would probably be just as good with
Wyeast #1007 (German). Enjoy!

4# US Two Row (Klages/Harrington)
3.25# 10L Munich
4 oz. 80L Crystal
8 oz. Wheat Malt
1/2 oz. Black Patent (just for color :-)
1/2 oz. 5.5% alpha Willamette (boil)
1/2 oz. 6.1% alpha East Kent Goldings (boil)
1 oz. 2.9% alpha Hallertauer (finish)
Wyeast #1056 (American Ale aka Sierra Nevada) yeast
2/3 C. Corn sugar (for priming)

Mash in: 11 qt. water @ 137F pH 5.2
Protein Rest: 30 mins. @ 131F
Conversion Rest: 60 mins. @ 155F
Mash out: 5 mins. @ 168F
Sparge: 5 gal. @ 170F

Boil: 90 mins.
Hops: 2 additions, 45 & 10 minutes before end of boil.

OG: 1.047
FG: 1.012

This is a well balanced brew. To be closer to authentic, you should age
it for a month in the fridge after bottling and waiting for the brew to
carbonate. It's also quite nice aged at room temperature.

The bittering hops were just what I happened to have on hand (I didn't
have enough Willamette :-). If one were to worry about the hops they were
using, one could use a heap of Hallertauer for bittering, but I can think of
better uses for such a fine hop. Perle would serve nicely for bittering. Of
course, for finishing/dry hopping you could go nuts with various combinations
of Hallertauer, Tetnanger, Saaz, etc.


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