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From: Nick Cuccia <>
Subject: RECIPE--Grizzly Peak Pale Ale
Date: 1992-04-19 18:42:53 GMT

My second all-grain batch is a variation on Jackie Brown's Summer Pale Ale
(Cat's Meow 2, p.1-6, HBD#134):

5 Gallons

8# Klages Malt
1# 20L Munich Malt
1 c Cara-Pils Malt
1.5 T Gypsum
1/2 t Irish Moss
3.5 oz Kent Goldings Hops
3/4 c Corn Sugar (priming)
Wyeast Chico Ale yeast

Used Papazian's temperature-controlled mash:

30 min @ 130-120F
120 min @ 155-145F
Sparge @ 170F

Boiling/Hopping schedule:

0:00: 1 oz Kent Goldings
0:30: 1 oz Kent Goldings
0:45: 1 oz Kent Goldings
Irish Moss
1:00: Cooled; strained off of trub; pitched yeast. OG: 1.043

Racked after six days; primed and bottled after seven more. FG: 1.008

Heavenly KG aroma; big mouthfeel; nice malt and hop flavors up front, with a
good hop bite going down. Definitely not Lawnmower Brew.

For those who haven't tried mashing: give it a go. It's not hard; in fact,
I'm posting this while mashing a wheat beer.

Time to go stir,
- --Nick

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