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Subject: New Amsterdam Ale recipe?
Date: 1992-04-20 14:21:03 GMT

Can anyone recommend a recipe (hopefully extract, but I'll take whatever
I can get) that will duplicate New Amsterdam Ale (New Amsterdam Brewing
Co., Utica NY)? Barring that, can someone at least tell me what style
of beer it is?

My relatively uneducated guess is that it is some sort of pale ale. I'm
just a lowly extract brewer with only three batches to my name -- my
first and only IPA attempt has been (so far) somewhat dissapointing.
[Will the oak flavor subside as the beer ages? It's only been a week,
but all I can taste is oak! In reviewing Papazian and the Cat's Meow, I
see that oak is very optional for IPA's -- next time I'll probably leave
it out! But I digress...]

According to the label: "New Amsterdam Ale has a rich malty flavor with
a pleasently bitter aftertaste. Whole hop flowers are added after
fermentation in a process called `dry hopping' to provide the wonderful
spicy and fruity aroma". I'll go along with that. It's the spiciness
and fruitiness that distinguishes this ale from others I've tried. Is it
simply a matter of taking a common pale ale recipe and dry hopping with
the proper variety of hops?

1) can someone suggest an extract recipe? all-grain?
2) what style does it most closely resemble?
3) Even w/out a recipe, can you suggest what sort of hops are used?

Is there a book similar to Dave Line's "Brewing Beers Like Those You
Buy" (which I understand deals strictly with british brew), but focusing
on US beers?

Eschew Obfuscation.

Steve Tynor
Georgia Tech Research Institute

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