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Subject: clear bottles
Date: 1992-04-20 15:56:09 GMT

With all the junk I have read about clear bottles here in the HBD over the
last couple of years, I finally decided to throw my two cents into the mash.
I keg now, but I bottled for many years. I far preferred clear (Miller)
bottles to anything else because they showed off the color of the beer so
well. Oh, Heresy!! (quick, repeat the mantra: "clear, bad; brown, good" until
he goes away...:-). Okay, clear bottles plus beer plus light gives problems.
Fine. I was not in the habit of storing my beer either in the sun or under
flourescent lights. When I got the bottles I also got these great light-tight
bottle holders (I think they call them "cases" :-)) that the bottles came in.
Once I bottled the beer, I put it into the case (just in case there are some
who don't know what I mean, when long-neck beer bottles are sold by the case
they come in heavy cardboard boxes with split tops that fold together to make
a nice-stackable unit) to condition and age. Since it is inside the case, the
color of the bottle is irrelevant. When I got ready to drink it, I placed it
into the refrigerator, another notably dark environment. So unless you plan
on placing your beer on grocery store shelves or out in then sun don't worry
about the color of the glass. And clear bottles are prettier. So there.
Geoff Sherwood

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