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Subject: Epson/LaserJet version of Cat's Meow
Date: 1992-04-20 16:28:06 GMT

I wanted to print out the postscript version of the Cat's Meow but
I had a small problem. My postscript printer was down. Since
I did have an HP Laserjet handy, I used Ghostscript 2.4 to create
a version that would print on the HP. For 'fun', I also made a version
that should work with the Epson dot matrix printers. Unfortunately,
the laserjet file was very large, but the Epson file came out to be
about 10 MBytes, 2.5 MBytes when compressed 3.4 MBytes when uuencoded.

If anyone with an Epson would like to see if this will print out
I'll break it up and email it to you.



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