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Subject: Re: Spoiled Brew??
Date: 1992-04-20 16:41:00 GMT

Jason writes:
>Me and a pal brewed a batch of beer 2 weeks ago (today) unfortunately we
>have not had a chance to bottle it. Now we are wondering if we spoiled
>the batch. Should we bottle it anyway? Should we dump it? Should we
>bottle it and then give it as gifts to our enemies? Etc.

By all means bottle it! At the fermentation temperatures I use, 57F to
68F (depending on where in the basement I put the carboy), my Wyeast-powered
brews take at least a week to ferment-out and some (like my Orval clone)
take much longer. If you use dry yeast at 80F, it can ferment-out in 24 hours
(albeit making all kinds of higher alcohols in the process), but there's no
problem having the finished beer sitting around for a week or two. If you
know it will be sitting around longer than two weeks, you should rack it off
the trub and dead yeast. Even if the finished beer was to sit around for
four or six weeks, you should bottle it anyway -- the worst thing that will
happen is your beer may develop a slight "yeasty" flavor -- certainly not
bad enough to dump the batch!


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