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Subject: AHA subcategories
Date: 1992-04-20 17:16:00 GMT

Steve writes:
>You can enter this beer in any AHA category you think is appropriate. Many of
>us have brewed targeting one style and ended out with a beer that was closer
>to another. While AHA rules prohibit multiple entries in the same category/
>subcategory in a competition, there's nothing to prohibit you from entering
>the same beer in two completely different categories.

I read and re-read the AHA Competition rules a half dozen times (just to
be on the safe side) and I've come to the conclusion that you can enter
a beer in each subcategory. The reason for my re-reading was because I
brewed a stout in January and it was (in my opinion) halfway between a
dry and a sweet stout, but very good. So, I entered it in both the
Foreign Stout (stronger version of dry stout) and Sweet Stout subcategories.

Since I was a judge at the Midwestern Regional, I had the opportunity to
look into my stout's progress. After completing my flight of Traditional
German Bocks, I wandered over to the stout tables. Alas, neither of my
stouts had made the cut, but both had scored 38.5 (from two *different*
judging teams -- talk about judging consistency!). I didn't get a chance
to see the score sheets, but I suspect one beer got: "a bit too sweet to
be a Foreign Stout" and the other: "a bit too dry to be a Sweet Stout."

Oh well, back to the old drawing board.

By the way, since the judging was over, I did get a chance to taste
the three Midwestern Stouts heading for the Second Round in Milwaukee.
They *were* measurably better than mine and deserved the 40+ scores they
got. Heavenly!!!

One final note. I am convinced that the quality of *all* the beers at the
Second Round of the AHA Nationals will be better than 95% of the commercial
beers in the world and par with the other 5%. I'm proud to be associated
with Homebrewing, as we all should be. Charlie, take a bow.


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