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Subject: odd ingredients
Date: 1992-04-20 17:45:00 GMT

Dear Brewers,

I have a couple of questions (So what else is new, right?!)

First of all, with all of the advise this network sends, there has
been none so valuable as: "What ever happens, never throw out a batch,
unless it turns out to be utterly impalitable (which is, of course, up
to the individual brewer's tastes). So, my latest lager - that highly
gingered and spruced flavored batch of terpentine - is still sitting
on my back porch in two 1 gal jugs. However both are acting completely
differently from eachother. One, which is filled to the neck, is
bubbling and forming a kreausen-like foam (this, after the initial
kreausen fell in the primary and I rached into these 1 gal. secondarys).
but the lock is not passing bubbles!! (?) There's nothing wrong with
the lock, either. Finally, the brew is still a familiar milky white-ish
and yeast is still 'swimming' throughout.

The other 1 gal secondary is filled about 3/4 full, but is clearing
and seems healthy enough, with bubbles steadily passing through the lock
and a normal amount of bubbles collecting at the surface. So, I guess
the question I have about this batch (did I mention that the 1 gal. jugs
contain the same brew - racked from a primary) is, "What gives?" Why is
one the fuller jug sluggish, and the less-full one behaving? Could this
result from improper cleaning (although I tend to be maticulous about
cleaning, but this one jug was a *bitch* to clean!)

Ok, now for the second set of questions..

Has anyone used or know about using hearts of palm as an ingredient
in a wort? Now, before y'all laugh yourselves blue, let me try to
briefly explain: For about 10 years now my brothers, close friends and
I have been getting together in the Everglades every Christmas for an
all-night campfire and acoustic jam session (we're all acomplished
musicians to various extents). So, what I want to do is try to capture
in a beer (preferably a lager, but that may prove difficult during the
summer months) that flavor of a campfire in the 'Glades. So I'm
thinking about a HINT of spruce (not like what's in my present batch)
and a bit of liquid smoke (again, only a hint) and possibly those
palm hearts, reminescent of the palmetto palms in the 'Glades. So,
if anyone knows anything along these lines, I'd appreciate your
experience and advise. E-mail me personally if you don't want to
be exposed on the network!!


John (of "Monstrocity Ale" fame!!)

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