From the HBD Archive
Subject: spent grains and rumination
Date: 1992-04-20 19:51:28 GMT

Brian Bliss sez:

>Ruminants (cattle, sheep) should be able to get something out of it
>(and are probably the only ones that would eat it). Their complex

Clearly, Brian, you have never met my Labrador Retriever. This dog will
eat anything. Spent grains? Ha! how about rotten Halloween jack-o-lanterns?
Deer antlers, turnips, cabbages from the garden and anything the cat
forgets to bury. This weekend I put out pieces of a coconut for the
chipmunks out on the woodpile. The Lab got up on the woodpile and ate
stole the coconut. While I grind the grains outside, she stands underneath
and licks up the malt that spills. But what does she like best of all?
Of course! The finished product!


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