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From: kipps@etoile.ICS.UCI.EDU
Subject: Re: Wort Chillers
Date: 1989-09-22 16:04:25 GMT

A couple weeks ago I made a query about the cost and specs of wort
chillers. I got a few replies and made a few calls. The bottom line is
that you can make a wort chiller for less than $25 in about the time it
takes to brew from extract. THE HOME BREWERY (714) 822-3010 or
1-800-321-BREW (outside CA) is selling wort chillers for $29.95, so I
decided to buy a wort chiller and brew instead :-)

The wort chiller's made of some 20 ft of copper refrigerator coil with a
female hose connection at one end and a male at the other. The catalog
says it will chill boiling wort to 70 degrees in 10 minutes. I found it
brought it down to 80 degrees in 20 minutes, but I'm not complaining.
Someone suggested attaching a garden hose to the outflow and watering the
garden. I like the idea of conserving water, so I gave the dogs a warm

-Jim Kipps

Hmmm...the dogs are starting to look a little dirty again ;-)

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