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From: (Jack Schmidling)
Subject: MALTMILL Motor
Date: 1992-04-20 17:41:00 GMT

To: Homebrew Digest
Fm: Jack Schmidling

>From: (Mike Harris)

|> >Also by by stepping up to 1/2 hp, one could start the mill with grains
in the hopper.

> If the initial load is the problem, and 1/6 hp will sustain operation
then a capacitor start motor may do the trick. They're designed
for high torque start up. Perhaps a small one from a dead fridge
or other suitable donor could be used.

Just so there is no confusion here, the initial load is not a problem on just
about any motor larger than the one supplied with the MALTMILL. The 1/30th
HP motor supplied is INTENDED to stall under a load sufficient to cause
personal injury. I do not want to lose my house over what started out as a

As shipped, it will mill forever if fed grain at the same rate as it comes
out. It beats cranking and is adequate for the home brewer. The high
volume user might wish to put on a larger motor but that forces HIM to assume
the liability for personal injury.

BTW, there was one very important feature left off of the recent comparison
between three malt processors.

The MALTMILL is the only one made in America by Americans.

The Corona is made in Columbia and the Marcato is made in Italy.

Every MALTMILL purchased, keeps one American employed for one day.
And that includes not only yours truly, but lumberjacks, machinists, screw
manufacturers, tool factories, box manufacturers, telephone and
communications workers, UPS and a host of other AMERICANS.


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