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From: keng@ic.MENTORG.COM (Ken Giles)
Subject: Sierra Nevada Ale yeast
Date: 1992-04-21 00:55:06 GMT

I've seen numerous remarks on culturing the yeast from a bottle of Sierra
Nevada Pale Ale under the assumption that it's the same as Wyeast 1056. When
I toured their brewery, the guide mentioned that they repitch yeast at bottling
time in order to achieve the bottle conditioning. I asked if it was the same as
the brewing yeast. He said that it was a different, more flocculant strain
which stuck well to the bottom of the bottle. Given that their conditioning
temperatures are in the 40s (Farenheit), it would also seem to be a lager
yeast (I didn't ask this).

Anybody have information to the contrary?


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