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From: (Keith Winter)
Subject: Sierra Nevada Yeast
Date: 1992-04-21 14:05:02 GMT

Ken Giles writes:

> I've seen numerous remarks on culturing the yeast from a bottle of Sierra
> Nevada Pale Ale under the assumption that it's the same as Wyeast 1056. When
> I toured their brewery, the guide mentioned that they repitch yeast at bottling
> time in order to achieve the bottle conditioning. I asked if it was the same as
> the brewing yeast. He said that it was a different, more flocculant strain
> which stuck well to the bottom of the bottle. Given that their conditioning
> temperatures are in the 40s (Farenheit), it would also seem to be a lager
> yeast (I didn't ask this).
> Anybody have information to the contrary?
> kg.

The only information I have to the contrary is the information I got when I
took the toor of SN. The guide, when I asked this very same question, defferred
to one of the other workers (who seemed to be intimately involved in the brewing
process but I didn't get a chance to iquire further) who said that they used only
one yeast type (except for the Bigfoot Barley Wine) for primary, secondary
and bottle conditioning.

Just my $0.02 worth.

Keith Winter

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