From the HBD Archive
From: (Jeff Copeland)
Subject: Spoiled Brew??
Date: 1992-04-21 17:03:34 GMT

In HBD #867 Jason wrote:
>Me and a pal brewed a batch of beer 2 weeks ago (today) unfortunately we
>have not had a chance to bottle it. Now we are wondering if we spoiled
>the batch. Should we bottle it anyway? Should we dump it? Should we
>bottle it and then give it as gifts to our enemies? Etc.

As Al said in HBD #868 go ahead and bottle it. I just bottled a batch of
Stout that had been sitting 11 weeks in the primary (about 2 months longer
than I planned). The uncarbonated beer tasted fine, a bit thin but due to
the recipe not the bottling lag.

On another note I'ld just like to say that I've been reading HBD for a week
now and am pleased with what I've seen.

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