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From: "Brett Lindenbach" <>
Subject: my experiences
Date: 1992-04-22 00:11:45 GMT

well, i've
been reading the
digest for
several weeks now, and
have finally
decided to
contribute. i
might add that my
background is
as a microbiologist
and 12-batch
brewer. about geoff
last comment (#868), i
agree that
clear bottles are much
nicer than
brown bottles. the
reason being
that i autoclave my
bottles, and
i have always lost
at least half
the brown bottles
due to
cracking, but have never
lost a clear
or green one,
import browns (ie.
etc.) work fine. also,
i have had
success with kegging
beer in my
*carboy*. the trick is
to use a
strong one, such as a
pyrex one.
these also have a nice
lip on them
to clamp the stopper
in. i have
brought the CO2 up to
15 psi
without any adverse
effects. i
mention this for
anyone who
wants more detail on
my setup,
just let me know. also,
i have had
some recent success in
and would be
happy to share with
interested. -brett
"blessing of
your heart, you brew
good ale." -
w. shakespeare
my experiences form by b.

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