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Date: 1989-09-22 17:37:09 GMT

>From mitihard!kenb Fri Sep 22 17:37:06 1989
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About five years ago, September, I had a brewing party with the intent
of making a 5 gallon batch of Christmas ale and 5 gallons of barleywine ale
(extract). The party aspect was four virgin initiates (never brewed before)
who were interested, but clueless as to how homebrew is made. I had one
other brewer helping. And it was a potluck dinner ... and it was a beer
TASTING party ...

Anyway, the strong pot and the weak pot got confused (wait a minute,
how can a pot be confused?), and the extracts were added about evenly
to both pots. Starting sg was around 1.070 for both.

No problem! We got two batches of strong ale that were really excellent!
Both were fairly well balanced. Gave most of it away for Christmas
presents, but managed to drink a considerable amount of it too. Wish I
knew what the recipe was!

Moral of the story:
Too many brewers confuse the pot, but don't worry, relax, have a homebrew.

Ken Bright (408)435-3789
{pyramid, sri-unix}!ctnews!kenb

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