From the HBD Archive
From: (Bryan Gros)
Subject: Fermenting Steam beer
Date: 1992-04-22 17:42:30 GMT

I'm fermenting a steam beer right now. For various reasons,
my primary fermenter is an open plastic bucket. The beer is
bubbling away, and in a couple of days I will rack off the
trub into my glass carboy. (This is the first time I'm using
a secondary fermenter. Too bad I don't have the fridge space
to lager).

My question is, since the Wyest cal. lager yeast is bottom
fermenting, and I rack into the carboy leaving the stuff on
the bottom behind, will I leave all my yeast behind? Or will
I get enough to finish the fermentation? Thanks.

- Bryan

BTW, should I be skimming the foam out of the bucket? Or was
this the topic with no consensus?

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