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From: Jon Binkley <binkley@beagle.Colorado.EDU>
Subject: re: Wyeast 1028 kreausen question
Date: 1992-04-22 19:05:54 GMT

Eric Mintz says:

>I've just used Wyeast for the second time. The first time, I brewed a
>stout with 1007. It had a wonderfully high kreausen (>3" !). This
>time, I'm brewing a Pale Ale with 1028. It's producing CO2 like a
>banshee but the kreausen is less than 1" high. Is this characteristic
>of the yeast or my wort (or is it common for the kreausen height to

I'd say that 1007 is unusually vigorous, not that the others are

When my brew partner and I first acquired some 7 gallon carboys
we stopped using a blow-off hose. For most of the yeast strains
we used- 1028, 1056, 1098- this was no problem. Then we tried
1007 for the first time. Yeast sludge all over the basement.
Beer tasted great, though.

Jon Binkley

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