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From: (Bryan Gros)
Subject: HBUs and IBUs???
Date: 1992-04-22 21:20:04 GMT

I was designing my recipe for my steam beer (see post above) and
bought some Northern Brewer hops. The store said 8.5% AA. I
noticed most recipes for an Anchor-type beer said 13 or 14 HBUs.
This means about 1.5oz in my 5-gallon batch.

I checked Eckhardt and he said steam beer: 35-40 IBUs. I decided
to take the plunge and figure out IBUs. If I use the formula in
Papazian or the Zymurgy issue, I get something like 1/2 oz for 60min.
(Don't have the formula with me). So how can these two different
measurements be off by so much? Is this why all my beers so far
have been pretty darn hoppy?
Should I just switch to IBU calculations and go by experience?
I ended up comprimising and using 3/4 oz for 60min, 1/4 oz for
30 min, and 1/3oz for flavoring. I have no idea what it will taste
like. (I'm considering dry-hopping slightly, but I'm not sure
how much I would add.)

Any advice would be helpful.
- Bryan

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