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From: (Michael J. Tuciarone)
Subject: Open bucket?
Date: 1992-04-23 16:24:53 GMT

In #870, (Bryan Gros) wrote:

> I'm fermenting a steam beer right now. For various reasons,
> my primary fermenter is an open plastic bucket.

I've probably got a misconception here, but when you say "open bucket"
you really mean "plastic bucket with lid, and the lid is on right now,
but there's enough headspace in the bucket to simulate a truly 'open'
bucket," right?

Otherwise, if the bucket is really just open to the air, and you have
it sitting in your bathtub or garage or whatever, you run the risk of some
errant piece of dust landing in your wort and inoculating it with
God-knows-what kind of yeast, bacterium, or mold.

Anchor ferments its Steam Beer in an open trough, sure, but the trough
is in a clean room under positive pressure. "Don't try this at home."

> My question is, since the Wyest cal. lager yeast is bottom
> fermenting, and I rack into the carboy leaving the stuff on
> the bottom behind, will I leave all my yeast behind? Or will
> I get enough to finish the fermentation? Thanks.

The number of yeast cells in suspension is more than our minds can
comprehend. Don't worry.

> BTW, should I be skimming the foam out of the bucket? Or was
> this the topic with no consensus?

There's no consensus. Note that (a) Anchor doesn't skim their foam, and
(b) not skimming foam can be accomplished while sitting in a La-Z-Boy
drinking a beer.

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