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From: (Keith Winter)
Subject: SNPA yeast again
Date: 1992-04-23 16:38:35 GMT

Jerome Rainey ( writes:
> Hmm, I hope we can resolve this issue: I used yeast cultured
> from a bottle of SNPA for my latest pale ale, which is still
> in secondary. The thing I noticed about the yeast was that
> there was very little sediment on the bottom when I racked to
> secondary, and that the cap of foam on top (it never
> collapsed) was _very_ thick and sticky, like peanut butter
> in consistency. That would make sense if I used a specially
> sticky bottling strain to ferment with. Still, the hydrometer
> sample tasted fine.
> Let's hear it for Sierra Nevada Pale Ale! Hop hop hooray!

I think, from this posting, that Jerome is asking about whether or not
SN bottle conditions. This is the case. According to the information
I got at the brewery, they inject the finished brew (finishing is a
two week process in which the wort is cooled to the low 40's F to precipiate
the yeast) with actively fermenting wort (kraeusening) just before
bottling/kegging. That's why we can culture their yeast from the dregs
of a bottle of SNPA. Again, it's the same yeast (Wyeast American [Chico]
Ale yeast - I forget the model number :-). The rich, creamy head at high
kraeusen is characteristic of this yeast strain.

Keith Winter

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