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Subject: Steam Beer ferment and new Beer book
Date: 1989-09-22 19:49:20 GMT

Last week I posted a question about my batch of steam beer that
seemed to restart it's ferment after being removed from the
fridge. Most replies I received said that it was probably just
absorbed CO2 being released. This is what I did: I removed it
from the fridge on Thursday morning. It continued to "bubble"
rapidly until Sunday evening. By rapidly, I mean 1 bubble every
10 seconds. This seemed like too much for me. If I bottled it
then, I would think the chance of exploding bottles would be high.
I finally bottled on Monday evening when the bubbles were 2 1/2
minutes apart. (FG 1.010) I'm not one for constantly taking hydrometer
readings to determine if the ferment is done. I don't like the
risk of opening the fermenter and syphoning. I know there must
be some kind of beer "thief" that can act like a syringe. I tried
using a large syringe, but the needle opening was too limiting.
Any ideas ? I'd rather use hydrometer readings instead of counting
the time between bubbles (BTW, I usually wait for 5 min intervals
before I bottle).

Also, those who belong to the AHA may have gotten a mailing from
the Abbeville Press for "The Connoisseur's Guide to Beer" by
Peter Finch (?). Well, I had seen this book in the book store
recently for 30.00 (The offer is the same, but has discounts for
orders more than 1). The book contains some really nice glossy
pictures. So far, that's the best part. I haven't begun reading
it, but it is a nice tabletop book to impress friends (mine are
very impressionable). It also comes with a pocket guide rating
all the beers the author finds at least "good". A nice litle
guide, although I wish there was space to write in personal
ratings. My 2 copies were shipped without the pocket guide, but
the company is shipping them to me. It does have nice pictures,

Another tidbit. I bought a six of Young's Old Nick Barlywine
Style Ale. Excelent example of the style. Should last me a

Mark Nevar

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