From the HBD Archive
From: 098518@ROO.FIT.EDU (Rowka)
Subject: Cat's Meow
Date: 1992-04-23 17:56:00 GMT

Hey Gang!!
I'm brand new at all this Brewing Stuff, but so far I'm diggin'
it pretty fierce. I was given one of those "starter kits" that came with
"everything you need to make beer at home!"
Well, with it came a can of hopped malt, one of those kits that
you all seem so fond of........NOT. All in all, for a first attempt, I
can't say that I was completely dissapointed. I want to start doing
something a bit more involved though.
What I'm getting at is... How can I get a copy of the Cat's Meow
that I've been reading so much about over these past few days?

THank you so very very much,
Danny Rocha

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