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From: Richard.Stueven@Corp.Sun.COM (Richard Stueven)
Subject: Shipping Homebrew
Date: 1992-04-23 18:35:19 GMT

The subject of "how can I legally ship my homebrew" comes up time after
time in this group. Attached is a letter I sent to Charlie Papazian's
Compuserve address on this subject. I didn't receive a response, but
then I didn't really expect one, since this isn't necessarily the most
appropriate way to contact Charlie the Editor (as opposed to Charlie
the Homebrewer-at-Large :-)

Also, upon reading it a month later, there are some hints of a personal
attack which I certainly didn't intend. If you're reading this,
Charlie, and I've offended you, I apologize.

Anyway, my points are pretty clear in the letter, I think, and I'd like
to open the subject up for debate here. Should the AHA get involved in
the politics of homebrewing? I say, yes!

From gak Fri Mar 20 16:30:37 1992
Subject: Shipping Homebrew


Writing in the Spring 1992 _zymurgy_ regarding the shipping of
homebrew, you said:

Doing it interstate is technically not allowed if not for
analytical purposes. How are you going to ship your brews to a
friend? I don't know how you'll do it and frankly I don't need
to be told as long as your friend eventually has the pleasure
of enjoying your beer. Shhhh.

Is the official position of the AHA to encourage its members to break
the law, stupid as it is, in order to share their hobby? I've always
considered the purpose of the AHA to encourage homebrewers to
participate in the Art of Brewing and to share their ideas, recipes,
procedures (and most importantly, their beer!) and especially to help
them along the way. By "help", I mean use the organization to get rid
of these idiotic, pointlessly restrictive laws. Let your members know
to whom they should write to effect these necessary changes. Make the
AHA become more than just a clearinghouse for competitions and

You know as well as anyone that this country is in a Prohibitionist
mood. To turn a blind eye toward activities that can cause legal
problems for members, rather than to proactively effect positive
changes that will free your members from government interference, could
send the Art of Homebrewing back underground. We don't need that.

Thanks for listening.

Richard Stueven

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