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From: "Robert J. Napholz" (GC-HSI) <rnapholz@PICA.ARMY.MIL>
Subject: SODA KEG
Date: 1992-04-23 18:47:44 GMT

>From: (Jim Larsen)
>Subject: Stainless Steel

>I am in recent receipt of a Cornelius kegging system and I have a
>few questions regarding its care and feeding.

>1. How does one ferment in steel?

>2. What are the preferred cleaners/sanitizers for stainless?

>3. My current Cornelius inventory consists of one five-gallon and
>one three-gallon. In addition, I have a Firestone I acquired from
>a generous Coca-Cola driver. I there a simple means to incorporate
>this into my system, or should I seek to replace it with another

I do all of my fermenting in the carboy, dont think you want any
sediment in the soda keg. As far as cleaners I use massive amounts
of bleach with out any problems(only one batch, the second one this
weekend). Try force carbonation works great!!!!

PS Whats a firestone?? keg??

Rob Napholz

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