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From: card@APOLLO.HP.COM
Subject: IBU'S TO HBU'S
Date: 1992-04-23 19:52:20 GMT

4.5 if you assume MAX UTilization of 30
IBU = HBU's (3.75) --- this assumes a utilization factor of 25

HBU = IBU/ (3.75) --- this assumes a utilization factor of 25

EX: Bass ALE = 20 ibu's = 5.33 HBU's = 5.33 AAU's

or ~ 1oz of goldings

BTW, 25 is the U.F. that terry Miller uses in his Pale Ale book
recipes. Eckhart also states that 25 is a good starting point for
the homebrewer.

/Mal Card

p.s. I derived this simple formula using Eckhart and Papazian formulas.
along with some help from HBD.

p.p.s. I too said "no wonder my brews have been too hoppy".

p.p.s. You may note that your all-grain hop rate may need to be
reduced if you are comparing with your old extract recipes.

IE. 12 HBU's in an extract boil, yields a lower utilization
than 12HBU's in an all grain recipe.

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