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From: (Alan Duester)
Subject: hydrometry
Date: 1989-09-23 15:34:02 GMT

in #262, Mark Nevar asked:

> readings to determine if the ferment is done. I don't like the
> risk of opening the fermenter and syphoning. I know there must
> be some kind of beer "thief" that can act like a syringe. I tried
> using a large syringe, but the needle opening was too limiting.
> Any ideas ? I'd rather use hydrometer readings instead of counting
> the time between bubbles (BTW, I usually wait for 5 min intervals

I've found that a turkey baster works fairly well for this. Disassembles
for sterilization. It fits through the neck of a glass carbuoy, and if
you're careful won't dislodge much of the scum & dried yeast left from
blowoff in the neck. You will really have problems trying to get it
through the smaller holes I've seen in the lids of the 7 gallon plastic
brew buckets, though.

You'll want to find one that has a small hole at the tip, as large holes
make it harder to keep the wort from dripping back into the carbuoy.
Mine has a 7/32" hole, and I'm going to have to look for one with a
smaller hole (1/8" is what I think I'm going to try and get). It
ususally takes me 2-3 "slurps" to fill my cylinder for hydrometry

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