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Subject: How a competition works.
Date: 1992-04-23 21:39:00 GMT

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From: NLORSCL --VMSPFHOU Date and time 04/23/92 16:43:43

SUBJECT: How a competition works.
In regards to Carl West's question about how a competition works, here's the
quick run-down. There are three types of people involved, the orgnaizers,
stewards and judges. Your beer shows up at the orgnaizer's place, where
they log your entry, put an entry number on your bottles, and put your
bottles with entries from the same category. Hopefully they are stored in the
proverbial cool dry place, out of direct light. Preparation for the judging
includes making up the summary score sheets for each category, and merging
categories if there are too few entries. The night before the competition,
the beer is cooled down, and made ready for transport to the competition site
if it is different from the storage site. At the competition site, the beer
is arranged by category and made ready for the stewards. The stewards are
volunteers who open the beer and pour it for the judges. The judges evaluate
the beer, usualy using the AHA 50 point evaluation criteria. If there are not
many entries in a category, the judges may decide to award 1st thru 3rd places
in this first round. If there are many entries and the category is split
between groups of judges, the beers that are not boviously flawed are sent to
a second round. One bottle of beer is used in the 1st round.

During the second round, the stewards once again popen and present the beer to
the judges. 1st 2nd and 3rd places are awarded. The 1st place beer in each
category is then judged for best of show. This is where the 3rd bottle is
used. Best of show is usually judged by 4 qualified judges. There is no
score sheet used, they just go at it to determine which of the beers before
them is really the best. It can take time and lead to arguments.
During the 1st 2 rounds, the score sheets are collected by the stewards and
given to the data slaves for tabulation. Most competitions will send the
individual score sheets back to you.
What happens to the left-over beer? It's up to the discretion of the organizer
s, but usually the vultures get it. I ask the judges of my favorite styles
about the quality of the entries, and if I find some people that tell me how
tough it was, judging all that good beer, I go for it.

And now it's my turn for a question, where can I get Iodophor? Do you make it
at home, or do you buy it? Thanks in advance. Hope
that this description helped.


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