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From: Richard Stern <>
Subject: Large boiling pot and propane cooker
Date: 1992-04-24 15:35:44 GMT

I'm moving to all-grain brewing, and I need some help/advice on equipment.
I have 2 options:

1) Get a large stainless boiling pot (32+ qt), and brew 5 gallon batches
on the stove. The pot will cost me $100-150.

2) Convert a keg into a boiling pot, and get a propane cooker to supply
the heat. I assume this means boiling in the garage (or back yard?).

I'd really like to go with #2, since it will enable me to brew 10-13 gallon
batches. But I have a few questions:

a) Are kegs stainless?
b) Do I need a lid? Or do I just brew without one?
c) Any concerns about brewing in my garage or back yard?
d) Where can I find a large propane cooker??

Any other help/advice/comments will be greatly appreciated !!

Thanks a lot!!

Richard Stern

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