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From: Wayne Hamilton <>
Subject: Wort Chiller
Date: 1989-09-23 20:29:46 GMT

> The wort chiller's made of some 20 ft of copper refrigerator coil with a
> female hose connection at one end and a male at the other.

i just made a wort chiller too, and i'm so proud of it i've been telling
everybody all about it...

i started with the idea of using garden hose to connect the chiller to
the kitchen faucet, where i have a kitchen-to-hose adapter for my jet
bottle washer. first, it took a while for the hardware store guy to find
the right combination of compression fitting and adapters to fit the
copper tubing. then after i got it all put together, no matter how
tightly i screwed the fittings, i kept getting a slow drip. and finally,
25 feet of garden hose to cover the ~8 feet between my sink and the stove
was just too cumbersome.

while i was at the hardware store buying some pipe thread tape to fix the
drip, i saw a gizmo called a "sweeper nozzle" on sale for $.49. it looks
like the top of the plastic ketchup bottles you see in restaurants. i
think it's designed to be used on your garden hose to sweep dirt, leaves,
etc off your driveway or sidewalk. the long nozzle holds 3/8" ID plastic
syphon tubing pretty well, even without a clamp. the same tubing mates
with the 3/8" OD copper, but small hose clamps are needed to prevent
leakage. i had some vinyl patching glue handy, so i glued 2 8' lengths
of syphon tubing together side-by-side, like a stereo cable. one end is
permanently clamped to the chiller, and the other end attaches to the
faucet and drains into the sink.

$17.25 25' 3/8" OD copper tubing @ $.69/ft
4.80 16' 3/8" ID plastic tubing @ $.30/ft
.49 1 sweeper nozzle (regular price $.79)
2.07 3 small hose clamps @ $.69
$24.61 (plus tax)

someone else mentioned using a bending tool on the copper tubing. the
copper i bought came in a coil about 2' in diameter. it was easy to
re-coil it around a large can without tools.

wayne hamilton
U of Il and US Army Corps of Engineers CERL
UUCP: {convex,uunet}!uiucuxc!osiris!hamilton
ARPA: USMail: Box 476, Urbana, IL 61801
CSNET: hamilton%osiris@uiuc.csnet Phone: (217)384-4310

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