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Subject: Anchor IBU
Date: 1992-04-27 16:54:00 GMT

Bryan writes:
>I was designing my recipe for my steam beer (see post above) and
>bought some Northern Brewer hops. The store said 8.5% AA. I
>noticed most recipes for an Anchor-type beer said 13 or 14 HBUs.
>This means about 1.5oz in my 5-gallon batch.
>I checked Eckhardt and he said steam beer: 35-40 IBUs. I decided
>to take the plunge and figure out IBUs. If I use the formula in
>Papazian or the Zymurgy issue, I get something like 1/2 oz for 60min.
>(Don't have the formula with me). So how can these two different
>measurements be off by so much? Is this why all my beers so far
>have been pretty darn hoppy?
>Should I just switch to IBU calculations and go by experience?
> I ended up comprimising and using 3/4 oz for 60min, 1/4 oz for
>30 min, and 1/3oz for flavoring. I have no idea what it will taste

You goofed in your calculations somewhere. According to the Zymurgy
Hop Special Issue (I use this issue so much I should buy another one ;^),
"Steam"-clones should have 40 IBU. According to the calculations in
the Hop Special Issue, if you are making 5 gallons with a boiling gravity
under 1050 and want 40 IBU using a 60 minute boil of 8.5%AA hops, you
should use 1.051077 ounces of hops. I suggest rounding to 1 oz.

I don't have my copy here at work so I cannot accurately calculate the
actual IBU you used (you didn't post the boil gravity anyway), but
a thumbnail calculation would indicate you got somewhere around 32 IBU.

FORGET TO DO IT AGAIN! The IPA I made would go well on pancakes.


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