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Subject: Pepper experience
Date: 1992-04-27 16:39:35 GMT

Sorry I'm lagging a bit on my response, but I did want to put in my 2"
worth. A while back, my brother decided to try making some stir-fry
dish from scratch. The recipe called for roasted red peppers (the HOT
kind...). My mom and I just just happened to be in the house at the
time he decided to roast the peppers...

He put them in a small skillet and started dry-roasting them on the
stove. After a few seconds, they started giving off a light smoke.
All of a sudden, my brother started coughing like he couldn't stop,
then ran outside with the skillet. I went into the kitchen to see if
he was alright, and I started coughing too. I had to run outside and
join him, where we both just stood there coughing. After about 10
minutes, we were finally able to go back into the kitchen. We ended
up opening all the doors just to get rid of the fumes. When we'd
finally thought the house was pretty much free of fumes, we heard this
endless coughing coming from upstairs - turns out the fumes had drifted
up there too!

Anyway, the moral of this story is, if you're planning on roasting red
peppers (for beer, or whatever), do it outside on the barbecue and
wear a bandana - the fumes are unbearable! BTW, the peppers tasted


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