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From: Wayne Hamilton <>
Subject: "thief" for hydrometer readings
Date: 1989-09-23 20:43:41 GMT

> I'm not one for constantly taking hydrometer readings to determine if
> the ferment is done. I don't like the risk of opening the fermenter
> and syphoning. I know there must be some kind of beer "thief" that can
> act like a syringe. I tried using a large syringe, but the needle
> opening was too limiting. Any ideas?

on another shopping excursion, i found a 60cc (2 fl oz) syringe with
a large-bore "needle" that i think is designed to fit the duct in a
cow's nipple, rather than to puncture skin, etc. the barrel of the
syringe is just small enough to fit thru the mouth of a carboy, so
air-borne contamination is limited. my hydrometer tube needs about
3.25 fl oz, so i have to use the syringe twice to get a reading. i
think i paid $4 or $5 for needle and syringe, at a local store that
caters to farmers.

wayne hamilton
U of Il and US Army Corps of Engineers CERL
UUCP: {convex,uunet}!uiucuxc!osiris!hamilton
ARPA: USMail: Box 476, Urbana, IL 61801
CSNET: hamilton%osiris@uiuc.csnet Phone: (217)384-4310

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