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Subject: Re: Competition Question
Date: 1992-04-27 20:32:00 GMT

>I have a few corrections to Roger's "What Happens to my Three Bottles"
>story. What Roger wrote is sort-of correct for the way is used to
>be before the change to the two-round regional/national system.
>On competition day, a couple dozen judges gather in Goose Island's
>banquet room. They sit three to a table, and each table will judge one
>type of beer. I am a German Bock, and one of my three bottles is brought

Not exactly. Under the new system, only one beer is required for the
first round. "Winners" of the first round (three beers in each category)
are notified (by May 8th this year, I believe) and asked to send another
two bottles for the second round judging. I don't know exactly what
happens to the extra bottles if brewers send three instead of one to the
first round.

>to their table along with the other German Bocks. The judges open each
>bottle, pour a bit into a glass, and judge it.

>Then the winner of each category goes into "Best of Show". The most
>senior judges gather a second bottle of the winning beer from each
>category up from the cooler at a large table, and begin. An immediate
>problem: When opening one of the other beers, a Munich Weissbeer, it
>gushes all over. The judges figure it must be a bad cap, since the first
>bottle of that same Weiss was so good, and so they fetch the third bottle
>for that entry. It is OK. Finally, it's down to just us and a really good
>British Bitter. Two beers left. The judges, however, have used all the
>beer in my second bottle already - so out comes my third bottle, and the
>third bottle of that ESB, which the judges open and compare. **WE WIN**
>My maker's German Bock is the Best of Show, and he gets a nice engraved
>pewter beer stein.

Not quite. The brewer's are asked to send a second and third bottle for
the second round. One of these bottles will be used for the second round
judging. The other will be used if the beer wins first place in the
category and goes on to the "Best of Show" judging.


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