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Subject: Kegs and Propane
Date: 1992-04-27 22:27:59 GMT

Richard Stern <> asks, in reference to converting a keg and
using a propane cooker:

>a) Are kegs stainless?
>b) Do I need a lid? Or do I just brew without one?
>c) Any concerns about brewing in my garage or back yard?
>d) Where can I find a large propane cooker??

Simply put: a) yes; b) no; c) no problem in your backyard; propane cookers are
not recommended for indoor use, but you can get away with it if your area is
VERY WELL ventilated (open windows, doors); d) many sources -- Alternative
Beverage in NC sells the simple and effective Cajun Cooker, as do others.

I've used a propane burner for over a year now, and definitely recommend one
as a fairly inexpensive alternative to slow, stove top boiling. If you thought
you had a good rolling boil before, think again. You'll also easily cut an
hour off your brewing schedule by reaching that boil substantially faster. Go
for it!

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