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Subject: Fining without cruelty
Date: 1992-04-27 09:36:00 GMT

Dear HBD,

I usually fine my beer, a day or two before moving from secondary
to barrel, with either gelatin or ininglass. This works fine, and
I get crytal-clear beer after 4-5 days in barrel (of course, it
may clear OK without fining, but I've never tried it). The problem is,
my partner is a vegetarian, and objects to my putting animal products
in the beer she drinks. Up to now, I've managed to convince her that
all the fining agent drops out of the final product, but I'm not sure
that's too convincing. My question is: is there a fining agent which
I can use with a clear conscience?

I brew mainly ales with the occasional Pilsner (the latter brews tend
to be significantly cloudier, probably protein haze due to my
inefficient decoction mash technique).

P.S. Can someone send me an address/phone/FAX number for Zymurgy
so that I can get an overseas subscription?

Thanks in advance,

Andy Phillips,
Long Ashton Research Stn,
Agricultural & Food Research Council
Bristol, BS18 9AF

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