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From: (Kenneth Haney)
Subject: First time kegging.
Date: 1992-04-30 15:15:02 GMT

Hi all,

Well it's me again with another question for the more experienced.

I've got everything I need to start kegging in Cornelius kegs, and want
to try carbonating with C02 instead of priming. How much pressure do I
need to put on the keg and how long do I need to leave it on the keg?
Once carbonated can I remove the C02 setup and let the keg set on it's
own until I'm ready to tap it? How much pressure do I use to dispense
the beer? If need be can I unhook everything and tap another keg before
the first one is done?

Well thanks in advance for any and all replies, I haven't had a chance
to check into any of these things and want to keg the batch that is in
the fermentor.

By the way, don't discount garage sales and flea markets to pick up your
kegging supplies. I got my C02 cylinder, three 5 gal. soda kegs, one
2.5 gal soda keg, regulator, lines and quick disconnects all for $19.75.
This is why I want keg so bad and don't have any info on it, I couldn't
pass up all great deals and would like to try it.

Thanks again,

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