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Subject: Recycling Yeast
Date: 1992-05-01 13:46:14 GMT

Fellow Brewers,

I am looking for a less maintenance intensive yeast 'culturing'
method. I have Leistad's book on the subject, and thanks to the
contributors to the HBD I have many other 'primers'. BUT, I am by
no stretch of the imagination a micro-biologist AND I have no
wish to be (all of the primers and Leistad's book advocate the
microbiological approach).

I have seen numerous mention of people re-using the yeast slurry
from the primary or secondary. Would anyone care to post a
procedure/process/primer on how to get 2-3 batches from one
packet of yeast (liquid or otherwise).

I guess what I am after, is a means of storing yeast for a period
of time AFTER it has been used to make a batch and re-using said
yeast to make another batch.

I hope that the great wealth of knowledge represented here can
come to the aid of people like me who have neither the time to
be a mad scientist (not intended as a flame) or the knowledge,
equipment, space, patience, etc... etc... Thanks in advance to
any and all who respond.

Yours in brewing,

-Joel McCamley "Constantly Relaxing, Not Worrying and
Having a Homebrew!"

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